What is Corporate Gifting? Reasons, Benefits, and More

All About Corporate Gifts

People often give gifts during birthdays, celebrations, and anniversaries. Who wouldn't love to receive tokens on these special milestones, right? Even in the workplace, gifts play a role in forming relationships with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and more.

Every once in a while, an organisation or a company should express appreciation and gratitude by giving gifts. But in terms of corporate gifting, that's not all there is. So what does corporate gifting mean, and what are good corporate gifts? Read more to find out!


What is corporate gifting?

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Corporate gifting means sending a gift from your organisation, company, or business. It's an excellent way to connect with a colleague, client or employee by giving gifts. Gifting companies or colleagues help solidify business relationships and improve engagement. Examples of great corporate gifts are company logos imprinted on coffee mug, water bottle, and office stationery.

While gifting is important and helpful in maintaining employees' loyalty, the most common time for corporate gifting is during the holidays. Holidays gifts like handmade products, gift card, food, or chocolates can make an employee feel appreciated and valued in the workplace, especially if received in the season of giving.


What are corporate gifts for?

Now comes the next question, what are corporate gifts for, and who buys corporate gifts? Who are the recipients of corporate gifts?

Corporate gifting is a usual public relations strategy by companies and businesses to their clients or customers. It is their way to value their stakeholders and celebrate their partnership. But corporate gifting is more common for organisations to give employees a great gift as a way to appreciate their hard work and loyalty.

A corporate gift is, at times, given to the shareholders of the company. It is their way to give thanks for their trust in investing in the company. While appreciation is one of the common reasons to give corporate gifts, a stock split is also a good reason for offering a gift set to the shareholders.

For companies and businesses with suppliers, their suppliers could also be a recipient for gifting companies. A supplier plays a significant role in industries; hence giving corporate gifts is one way to solidify the partnership of a business to its suppliers.


Why corporate gifting is important

The year 2020 has caused stress for many of us. The global pandemic, lockdown, and isolation have made everyone rethink the very core of human existence. This reevaluation around the world also involves the corporate industries and businesses.


The past year has shown that employee loyalty to the organisation is slowly decreasing and that the employees do not feel the value and recognition they deserve. After all, it is natural for human beings to have the desire to feel understood, recognised, and validated. So here comes the importance of engagement using corporate gifting.

Appreciation and Gratitude

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One may say that “valued employees” help your business’ bottom line. Indeed, without them, your culture, your productivity, your finances and your reputation are at risk. So, it is a good practice to do everything in your power to ensure your employees leave feeling appreciated.

One of the factors why employees look for another job is because they feel undervalued. The same goes with clients and customers- if they feel like the business does not value their partnership, they are likely to look for other companies to support their needs.

Verbal validation, such as saying "Thank you," is essential to make the stakeholders feel appreciated. However, a corporate gift is another effective way to make your stakeholders feel that they are valued in the organisation. By expressing your gratitude with things as simple as personalized items, you can already make their day.


Positive Working Environment

Corporate gifting can go a long way than you might expect. From feeling appreciated, it can also promote a good working environment. News travels fast, even at work. Therefore, if the employees see all the corporate gifts as the efforts of the organisation, it promotes a positive environment for everyone.


Stronger Partnership and Relationship

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You are already strengthening your partnership with your clients, customers, and shareholders by simply offering corporate gifts. You are also fostering a stronger relationship with your employees and suppliers by corporate gifting.


When the employees feel that their company appreciates their hard work, they are more motivated to work. Thus, they can give their best effort to contribute to the organisation's success with simple but heartfelt corporate gifts. Remember, it's the thought that counts!

What are the most popular corporate gifts?

Companies offer gifts for a lot of different reasons. There are a lot of events that can happen in a year; hence there's plenty of chances for companies to do corporate gifting. Here are the most popular corporate gifts to clients, employees, and more:

  1. Bags and Pouches
  2. Electronic Gadgets
  3. Apparels like shirts or caps
  4. Personalized Gifting - coffee mugs, pens, notebooks, and other customised items that employees find useful at work.
  5. Baked Goods

What gifts can I give to my customers?

Thinking of an idea for employee or customer engagement? If people might not have time to attend your corporate events like year-end parties, you can still engage with them by corporate gifting. Take a look at these unique corporate gifts.

 corporate gifts gift box singapore

  1. Satin Pillows with customized logo
  2. Gift Boxes with customized items 
  3. Vacuum Flask With Gift Cards
  4. Plants in a Customised Pot
  5. Flower Bouquets
  6. Gummy Bears
  7. Personalized Gifting of Office Items- e.g. tote bags, tumbler, and power bank.
  8. Home and Living Products
  9. Face Masks with Company Logo
  10. Customized Apparels

Corporate Gifts are for everyone!

Who doesn't love freebies and gifts? People offer gifts as an expression of gratitude and appreciation, which is why these exist even in the workplace.

Corporate gifts enable businesses and companies to express how they value and appreciate the important people that make up their organisation. Gifting creates a harmonious relationship between the giver and the recipients. The recipients of corporate gifts could range from employees, clients, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. By giving corporate gifts, they can make these stakeholders feel how they contribute to the success of their organisation.

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