Delivery FAQ

For most products, we provide a range of delivery options with different lead times and costs. You can choose the desired option in the Delivery Date and Options section on individual product pages.

How are the Estimated Delivery Dates Calculated?

Our estimated delivery dates are calculated from a combination of two factors – the time taken for the printing of the logo/image on the product, and also the time is taken for the air or surface delivery of the product to you.

For eg, if a product takes 3 days for the printing to be completed, and 4 days for air freight, the reflected date will show the total of 7 days from now.

What are the different Shipping Options and Lead Times?

All lead times shown are under normal circumstances and EXCLUDING printing lead time.

Express Air – 2-4 Days
Economy Air – 5-7 Days
Standard (Surface) – 4-5 Weeks

Local fulfilment is available for selected products.

Express Local – 1-2 Working Days

Why are some Shipping Options not available for some products?

Some products contain certain components that make it unsuitable for certain forms of transport.

For eg, electronic products containing lithium-ion batteries above a certain size cannot be shipped by air.

I have a rush order and I need it to be on time. What can I do to ensure that?

The best thing to do is to contact us directly through live chat, email or phone so we can assist you to select the best shipping option to ensure that you receive your products on time.

As the dates are estimated based on standard conditions, a shift of a couple of days might occur due to factors on the side of the air freight and shipping companies, or even customs issues and holidays.